Update: Uganda Electricity Project

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The attachment is a fundraising project that our volunteers in Logan worked on.  Jim and Christy Benedict and Mike Pitcher were contacted by a volunteer in Uganda, Africa.  The village, Kenese, has never had electric power.  We funded the cost of having the power company run power to the village.  As you read the latest note, they should have power by Christmas.  We welcome these projects  We have a general fund that you can donate to or you can designate which project you want to fund.  The venmo account for charity anywhere is gordon-carter.  Venmo donations go directly into the general CAF fund.  Please designate on the Venmo donation to apply to a specific project or the general fund.

Just to let you know, we have shipped donations to Ecuador, Mexico, Navajo Nation, Inn Between Hospice hospital in SLC, senior centers in Brigham City, Logan, Bountiful, SLC, Kaysville, Tri City Food bank in Ogden, Baptist Church food bank in West Valley, the Homeless Shelter in Ogden, the Catholic Church soup kitchen in SLC, the Porch Lady in SLC, the Vietamese Methodist church food bank in SLC, and sent money to Guatemala and Uganda.  Since we are restricted on going on expeditions to other countries we have decided to help by shipping donations to various needs in the world. We have partnered with the Tri City Food Bank in Ogden and plan to ship food twice a month to Mexico. 

If you are near SLC we do have much work in the warehouse, 2090 N. Redwood road.  Call to make an appointment.  I have been thrilled to see the inkind donations come in.  We had some food donations come in and there were 2 pallets 6 ft. high with Oreo Cookies.  That is 150 boxes of cookies.  What do I do with 150 boxes of Oreo’s?  I took one box into the Catholic Soup kitchen and told her I had 150 boxes.  She said she will take them all.  They make 2300 lunches each day.  Sorry, but I sent them over to the soup kitchen yesterday.  We had 25 very nice hospital beds and an ambulance donated from Jerome, Idaho. 

We do have a group from Idaho Falls that plan to go to Puerto Pen-blake, rach, tiffasco at Thanksgiving to build a house.  They welcome others.  Let me know if you are interested. At the moment, we have no expeditions on the Calendar for Christmas.

Gordon Carter

Hello all!  I wanted to update you all regarding the Uganda Electricity Project.  Thanks so mu-blake, rach, tiffch for the support.  We have sent the money we have obtained thus far to Charity Anywhere.  Gordon has, in turn, wired the money we sent him to the Legal and Charitable Aid Uganda.  Moris will obtain the money from the organization and will get the utility company started on their tasks.  He has agreed to provide us with pictures of the progress.  We are very excited that they may have lights for Christmas.  Thanks to all of you for making this happen.  We are still open for donations.  If others would like to make a donation, they can be given to Christy and Jim.  They will advise me and I’ll send a receipt. Speaking of receipts, I’m mailing yours today.  (Judy you should already have yours.)  Retain them for your taxes if you would like to use them.  Moris and his brother, Edward, have agreed and are willing to host any or all of you who would like to go there for work or medical projects in the future.  He would help make arrangements. Thanks to all of you for making this dream happen for this community who will now have the benefits of electricity.  –Mike.


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