What is CAF doing today?

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Yes, the virus has stopped many of our out of country expeditions. We are very frustrated knowing that our foreign country expeditions are on hold. We hope next year will be better with the vaccine.

We are doing things in different ways. Dr. Zambrano in Quito, Ecuador is still doing expeditions into the Amazon area with his local team of doctors, nurses and dentists. He has built a mobile medical and dental clinic out of one of the containers we have used to ship donations . Recently he reported that they served over 1500 patients over the weekend.

We are still sending money to Guatemala on the malnutrition program. Yvonne, the in-country supervisor/administer, has expanded the program into other areas of the Polechic. We hope to increase our monthly commitment to $2,000.

Recently we have taken on a couple of projects in Uganda. We were contacted by 2 different men in 2 different areas of Uganda and have cautiously proceeded to help. The first was a delivery of electricity to a village that has never had electricity. We sent money there and the photos below show that it is complete. They will have lights for Christmas!

The second project was helping a single mother with 4 children improve her house. It had dirt floors and rain would make the house a muddy mess. The house had no windows and a roof that leaks. The children were sleeping on the floor with thin matts. We sent money to cement the floor, install windows, a new roof, 5 beds with mattresses, water filter, and some clothing and shoes. Our administrator there, Peter, also wants to see if we would do a malnutrition program with him. We are working on that idea with help from Yvonne in Guatemala.

We are still trying to help send food to Mexico. We have three areas that we help. Agua Prieta across the border from Douglas, AZ; Puerto Penasco across the border from Lukeville, AZ ; and Tijuana. We have shipped food and medical hospital beds and equipment to the first two but TJ is a challenge. We ship food to the border, unload and the Mexican mayors then cross the border to load up the shipment and cross with no duty tax. CAF is working on a load right now to arrive in Agua Prieta before Christmas.

CAF is also helping local work at the Catholic Soup Kitchen in SLC by providing rubber gloves, masks and food items. We help the INN BETWEEN, the hospice hospital for the homeless, with rubber gloves, masks, disinfectant , and turkeys.

CAF has donated baby diapers, wipes, and masks to 2 different battered women shelters in SLC, and Kaysville. WE donate adult diapers to many different senior centers from SLC to Logan and Twin Falls, Idaho. We have donated baby diapers, wipes and rubber gloves to Planned ParentHood in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Dr. Zambrano will arrive on Dec. 15 to load containers for Ecuador. We are always looking for medical and dental equipment. We have many that are doing quilts, plastic bed matts, days for girls kits ,newborn kits and hygiene kits for the shipment. We are always looking for things for people to do at home that will help fill the containers.

Our latest wonderful connection is with a free food bank in North Ogden, Tri-City Exchange. Two Previous law enforcement officers formed the food bank under our 501 c3 umbrella and they are helping us with food and household items. They are very dedicated to helping the homeless, vets, and poor. With their police connections in Ogden, they build food boxes and have the local police in 3 small towns deliver the food to those in need.

As we approach the Christmas season, we hope you would consider helping Charity Anywhere Foundation with a monetary contribution. As you can see, we are busy with projects. Please remember that none of us as workers, advisors or administrators are paid. Your money goes strictly to the projects.

Gordon Carter



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