Christmas in Mexico

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Merry Christmas Mexico Amigos. Thank you Fitzgerald’s for a great project yesterday and the Tuckers for a great Meal.

It felt very lacking this morning getting up not knowing what to do. It felt so weird that the first thing I did was throw in a load of laundry. Can’t remember ever doing that on Christmas morning.

I didn’t realize how much I was going to miss being in Mexico on Christmas day. I miss Mark’s pancakes, not nearly as much as the one’s later on where he finally puts chocolate chips in. I miss watching the people stagger into the dinning area in the early morning. All the early morning smiles, the complaints of the snoring during the night. Crowding around the one heater. I really miss yelling at my crew that it is time to go to work and wondering if I’m going to have to build by myself today. I miss getting to the house and still seeing standing and really taking shape despite the many mistakes. I really miss seeing the hustle and bustle of everyone doing a job, thinking, learning and looking forward to the dedication. I miss the young Tucker girls bringing me more cookies knowing that I’m probably the one working the hardest and needing the most energy. I miss the excitement of seeing the new owners as they walk through the home. The excitement in their eyes, the tears and mostly the love you show them. I miss returning that night dead tired, looking forward to Mexican meal knowing that I won’t have to do the dishes as well. The cold shower, the clogged toilets? Maybe a couple of things I don’t miss.

Mostly I miss my association with you fine people. You have made the Mexico trips what they are. I never imagined when we first started going that we would have such a special group who would have turned out not only to be great friends but the people I love to spend Christmas with. Merry Christmas to all my wonderful friends.

Oh, by the way. The Porters have informed me that since everyone missed this year the list is wiped clean and they are the first one’s on the list for next year.

Until next year.
El Jefe


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