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A week before Christmas one of our annual donors decided to give Charity Anywhere Foundation a car.  It was a nice vehicle even though it was an older model. It had been well taken care of. I immediately called Susan and told her that we had a car to give away before Christmas. Dr. Zambrano was in town and he needed a car for the month he was here in the USA. I loaned him the
car. I told Susan that HE needed it. Susan disagreed. She said it was for someone else. Joshua, Dr. Zambrano’s son, was trying to get a drivers license here in the states. He is going to college
here and needed transportation. I thought this car would be it. As a former Drivers Ed teacher, I would take him out in the donated car and work with him. I tried to prepare him for the road test. The car was a clutch car. Joshua did not handle the clutch or the gears very well. Eventually I told Dr. Zambrano that he needed to get Joshua an automatic car.

All along Susan was opposed to giving the car to the Zambrano’s. She said that she felt this car was intended for a mother with children who was struggling.

So, we needed to find a home for the car.

Susan and I had been praying that we could find the right person who needed the car…someone whose life would be helped greatly by our donor’s generous gift. We really tried to listen carefully to hear if someone was in need. We contacted some of our friends so they could be aware also. Just before Christmas, Susan called me and said she might have the right person. Someone had just asked on Lakeview Yard Sale if someone just might have a car to donate for a needy person. Seriously, that NEVER happens!! Susan texted and said we might have one and asked about the circumstances. It was a mother with a divorced daughter who had three children. She had some recent very rocky road experiences and needed a car to transport she and the 3 children.
Susan told me that we should donate this car to the daughter. She felt this was God helping to find the right person. Susan had never seen such an enormous request ever! I was very
suspicious and hesitant to just donate the car. I thought we should send the car to Mexico and help a single mother there. I asked Susan many questions about the daughter and she didn’t know the answers. She suggested I call and ask the questions that I had. I finally spoke to the mother. She was able to give me the information that I wanted. Finally, I called the mother and said we would donate the car to her daughter and could they come and get it.

Susan felt at ease with that. She then wrote a note for the daughter to read. It said that God knows every person and he knows her and her challenges. He was aware of her and wanted her to know that He was real and was trying to help her and her family.

The daughter lived in a community quite a distance from us. We met the mother and her husband at the warehouse because the daughter was at work.

The mother and her husband expressed surprise that the car was in such a nice condition and wasn’t the junker they had envisioned. They just couldn’t stop saying “Thank you”!!

When the car drove away, we looked at each other and said “we were God’s Santa Claus this year. “ I was finally convinced that we had done the right thing.


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