Uganda malnutrition

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Hello Brother Gordon, I hope you are well..
This are the kids we have started working on..  am glad that you were as well inspired to check on water system as we visit and notify those kids..
It was unfortunate that I wasn’t using my own  equipments during the reach out but intend to buy .. them on Friday as soon as I receive enough funds ..
I also request that if we are capable of buying water filters to these 15 families which lives up on. That hill that uses this water source where we have identified.. this girl it it will really be appreciated.. even it won’t be now but any time you will consider it ..
As well I have also considered to first go to the porridge powder manufacturing company to see how much they can sell to us the already mixed porridge powder for.. if it will cost much I will probably buy the ingredients and we mix it..
here is the well were they get water ..

Such cute babies.  The mother with Twins will probably need baby formula.  You will need to see if she has enough breast milk for 2.  Glad to hear about the water filters.  I just sent you another $300 so you should be able to proceed.  I will send another $300 on Friday.

Keep up the good work.  Love what you are doing.

Gordon Carter


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