March 2021 Puerto Penasco expedition

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The whole Group

This picture was taken on the last day when we had to say goodbye to our new friends!



We had a great experience in Porta Panasco!  Our group consisted of three-families including 15 kids, age ranging 5-17.  We built a chain-link fence, dug holes for planting trees, built bunk-beds for the community center, dry-walled two rooms of a home, and painted exterior walls of the community center.  We are happy we made new friendships with great individuals in the community of Porta Panasco!  

We LOVED our opportunity to be able to travel down to Mexico with our family and friends and be with the amazing people of Puerto Penasco.  We had an amazing time, and left with many wonderful memories that we will have with us for a lifetime.  Many things stuck with us, but here are just a few:

-Being able to put together bags of food to take around to various families in the city was amazing.  Our children loved to put the bags together, and thought it was really neat to be able to deliver them to different people right after we put them together.  It really opened their eyes up to the kinds of conditions that people live in in different parts of the world.  We met some darling families while we were doing this, and it was a good first activity to take part in.-Working with the Navarro family to build a fence to help secure their yard was so much fun!  They were the cutest family, and we got to spend a lot of great time with them!  Sebastian and Santiago were darling and were even able to come down to the market with us.  They helped us a lot with our Spanish Translation, and it was fun to be with them.  They were very anxious to learn some English words too- so it was fun to chat with them with our limited Spanish!  All 4 boys in the family were so wonderful and helpful, and actually very hard workers!  It was hard work, and we hope that what we did for them will help them for many years to come. -The dinners that we went to were SO delicious!  It was so nice to not have to pay for each meal. Brian with Charity Anywhere was amazing to have down there, and working with us because he knew so much!  Our favorite places to eat were Pollo Loco and the Fish Taco place.  Mmmmmmm….  We liked Pollo Loco so much we went back there 2 nights in a row!  Our kids would have loved to even go there every night, it was so delicious.  -It was also so much fun to be with the amazing people at the Community Center. Loly and Fernando and Juan and Cynthia and their adorable children were so wonderful.  They helped things run so smoothly, and were always happy to help and do whatever we asked them to help us with.  We couldn’t have done it without them.  They are running an amazing program down there, and help so many people. -We did so many great things outside of our working hours.  We went to the beach, got ice cream, had delicious meals out, played soccer/baseball, but most importantly got Churros from Churros Y Elotes Penasco almost EVERY NIGHT!  Oh man.  I wish I could go back and eat more RIGHT NOW!  Good stuff!  But even with all of the fantastic things we were able to do outside of working, we still had the best time ever working on all of the projects that we did, and just being with all of the wonderful people of Puerto Penasco, Mexico!  We hope someday to be able to return!


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