Delivering an oxygenator to a Friend in North Ogden

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Delivering an oxygenator to a Friend in North Ogden

Mike Larson is a friend in North Ogden that has charitable food pantry for the poor. We have partnered with him and have done a lot of great things. I talked to him last week and found out that he was in the hospital with pneumonia and could not help with a project. Covid virus was rampant in Ogden and I worried that he might have the virus.

Two days later I called again and he had been sent home from the hospital because he had the Covid virus. I was shocked. The doctor told him that he needed to watch his oxygen blood level often and if it got below 80 he would have to come to the ITCU at the hospital. He said that day his level was 91 and he did have a fever.

A few days later, I called to check on him again and he told me that his oxygen level was 83 and he still had a fever. He was having a very hard time with the fever and low oxygen. I told him that I thought I had an oxygenator at the warehouse and could get it to him that night. I said I would check and see if I still had one.

Dr. Zambrano, from Ecuador, was still in town at Layton, Utah and I called him on the oxygenator. He said we had 2 at the warehouse and we had the tubing and face mask to make it work correctly. I asked him on the phone where he was. He said Bountiful. I asked if he could go to the warehouse and get one of them ready to go. He was only 10 minutes from the warehouse instead of 45 minutes.

Dr. Zambrano called me in 20 minutes and said the oxygenator was ready to go. I took Susan and we headed for the warehouse. Yes, the oxygenator was there. I plugged it in to make sure it did work.

I called Mike and said we were on our way and it would take about 45 minutes. When we arrived I met his daughter on the porch to show her how the machine worked. She said she was so glad to see it because his oxygen blood level was now at 81. I told her to call me in one hour to get a report.

In 30 minutes I got a text from Mike and his Oxygen blood level was now 98. He was so

This whole event worked so well that I came to the complete conclusion that I was God’s delivery boy, his voice, his feet and hands. Mike claims that the oxygenator saved his life. He and I both know that our loving God was at work for him.

Gordon Carter


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