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We were planning to take a team to Uganda in September. However, with the spike in COVID and the subsequent lockdowns in Uganda and the emerging trend for even vaccinated and recovered people to get COVID, we decided to delay the trip to next year. The risk that someone in the group might turn up positive during the trip and be stuck in quarantine in Uganda was a bit too much.
One of the projects we had planned to do was to build a house for a mother (Sister Kyalimpa) and her children who lacked adequate housing. When she heard about our plans to help, she immediately set to work manufacturing 8000 clay/straw bricks, commonly used there for building homes.

As noted, we couldn’t go there to help build the house for her this year. Instead, the team members and others sent the funds to make sure she had ownership of the land and to purchase the materials. Some of her friends pitched in to help build the house. This is an email that Gordon recently sent us regarding the funding and progress of the project. This is what we have sent for the house project.   Peter said yesterday that the roof would be on soon.
7-31-21    $250 for lawyer on deed
8-3-21  $622 Concrete floor
8-7-21  $495 Brick and mortar
8-8-21  $505 Brick and mortar
8-10-21  $$525 Brick and mortar
8-18-21  $430 Roof materials
8-22-21  $430 Roof materials
Total $3257.00

This project is just about done.  Thank you all for the financial help.  It has been a joy to see this project move ahead with Peter's help.

Gordon Carter

This project, then, is funded. But we suspect there will be others like it.




A lot of photos and videos of this and the nutrition project can
be found on Konerious Peter’s Facebook page. You can see a
video of Sister Kyalimpa making her bricks and the




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