Charity Anywhere is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving service to anyone, anywhere in the world. We have organized service projects as close to home as Twin Falls, Idaho and as far away as Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Mexico. We organize Dental and Medical expeditions as well as construction and re-construction projects. We normally organize 4 expeditions to Tijuana Mexico every year. Including Christmas, Spring Break, Summer Break and Fall.  We have an office in Quito Ecuador which organizes Free Dental and Medical Clinics throughout Ecuador.

Expedition Application

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Our Mission

Is to give “ordinary people” the life changing opportunity to provide needed medical care, dental services and basic shelter to less developed countries while concurrently forever changing the mind and heart of the volunteer for good.

Summary Of What We Do


Mailing Address

1381 Woods Drive,
Bountiful, Utah 84010

Contact Information

Contact Us:
Phone: 208-404-6304



Donations can be mailed directly to:
Charity Anywhere
1381 Woods Drive
Bountiful, Utah 84010

Donate using Venmo:  @CharityAnywhere 

We also accept donation of Stock.


Department of Commerce Division of Consumer Protection Registration

Officers And Board Members


Board Members

  • Ammie Wetzel
  • Blake Carter
  • Dianna Farr
  • Estee Carter
  • Joseph Burns
  • Karina Smith
  • Sariah Stapp
  • Sherry Terry
  • Bill Hammond
  • Christy Benedict
  • James Benedict
  • Brian Kerr
  • Aimee and Dwayne Matheson
  • Wynn Farr
  • Chris Howell
  • Janelle Johns
  • Joy Hunter
  • Dr. Leon Blake
  • Verlon Terry
  • Joshua Strait
  • Shalyn Strait
  • Jon Larson
  • Greg Fitzgerald