What are we doing?

  • Providing medical supplies to cities and hospitals
  • Providing Covid-19 relief supplies
  • Delivering off-road wheelchairs
  • Amazon medical and dental expeditions

Current Needs

  • Monetary donations allowing us to ship Covid-19 supplies to Ecuador
  • Medical and dental supplies

 Equador Website

Off-Road Wheel Chairs in Guabo

October 12-2021 Charity Anywhere and OverlandOne Recalibrating with enthusiasm and carrying out support medical brigades and with delivery of off-road chairs in Guabo Ecuador. We found another atmosphere in El Guabo, greater openness, cordiality, interest on the part...

Mobility Program Ecuador

We continue with our mobility program thanks to the Overland One and Charity Anywhere coalition, with this important alliance we have been able to assist many beneficiaries throughout the Ecuadorian territory. With this alliance, off-road wheelchairs are created and...