What are we doing?

  • Recuperation of malnourished children and babies
  • Nutrition
  • Food production
  • Health education
  • Training in the home

Current Needs

  • Monetary donations to continue all the Incaparina projects

    Guatemala Visit

    What an amazing experience it has been here in Guatemala.  It is hard to keep from crying.  Every day we see such poverty and want.  I can´t sleep at night thinking of the poor conditions.  Tuesday was the Incaperina distribution.  Over 100 mothers received either...

    Guatemala Report

    Our latest journey to Guatemala was amazing. It was HARD but we accomplished SO much that my heart is full. I made a list of what we accomplished in Senahu. It is not complete, so please let me know what you can add to the list. This was one of the most successful...

    The Stoves

    The stoves. When Rob Rheinhart of the Maya Relief shared this with me 4 years ago I could not fully grasp the signifigance of the stoves in the Homes. Thanks to the the efforts of Ron Truman and Dave Ott, they raised $3000 for the purchase of stoves and other...

    Nuevo Palin Success

    Am leaving for Alta Verapaz on Sunday again. Last month I went to Nuevo Palin and found a really inspiring story. These tomatoes are their fourth crop. Each crate will sell for around ten dollars, and there had been 18 for this harvest. Eleven families continued with...