What are we doing?

  • We are providing food supplements for malnourished babies and children in Uganda.
  • We do assessments of the affected families.
  • We provide affected families with water filters to avoid water borne illnesses and medicines where those are needed

Current Needs

  • Since this is a long term program, we will need monetary donations over the long haul to maintain and hopefully expand the reach of this project.
  • Our “reach” to do these rescues will only be limited by the budget we will be able to dedicate to this.
  • Your donations will make a huge difference.

Upcoming expeditions

  • We are sending a team to Uganda to asses this project and explore other possibilities.  They will leave on the 13th of September and return on the 30th.  That team is now closed.

Uganda Well

Hello Brother Gordon!  I hope you are doing well! Thank you so much for your continuous commitment to work with us on diverse projects.. am glad to inform you the great new .. of our new installed water pump which is now working so efficiently to decrease on our long...

House project Uganda

Hello brother Gordon! Let me hope that you are doing well! Am glad to inform you the last stage of the house project.. it’s well done. Only glasses missing in the windows.. and the door so that we can accomplish our commitment.. Am grateful for the support our donors...

Bricks & Mortar

We were planning to take a team to Uganda in September. However, with the spike in COVID and the subsequent lockdowns in Uganda and the emerging trend for even vaccinated and recovered people to get COVID, we decided to delay the trip to next year. The risk that...

Update on the hardworking

Hope you are doing!! This is the updates on the mother , who committed to make 8000 bricks .. today she finished them and she has started to make a furnace to burn them into hard building bricks.. she is really excited and working had to have herself that house.. To...

Greatings from Uganda and Report

Hello everyone!! I am very delighted to write to you again and update you about the Uganda Nutrition project.. and how it’s going.. despite the the lockdown we in through because of the covid-19 pandemic.. We are still reaching out to those in need extending your love...

Electrical project in Kasese

Our last electrical project in Uganda has more good news.  We helped get the first 3 houses wired into the power grid in Uganda.  We have been told that 4 more homes have joined the power grid.  Our money invested in electrical grid in this little community is seeing...

Uganda malnutrition

Hello Brother Gordon, I hope you are well.. This are the kids we have started working on..  am glad that you were as well inspired to check on water system as we visit and notify those kids.. It was unfortunate that I wasn’t using my own  equipments during the reach...